The Abbasids

Collected information about the Abbasids of students from Cornell.

During the fall of 2005, Shawkat Toorawa spent a full semester with his students at Cornell University to design a website for the School of Abbasid Studies. Subsequently, at the end of the Eighth Conference of the SAS, held at St. Andrews in June 2006, the official website of the Abbasid Empire was presented. At that moment, the foundations had been laid for the website you are visiting right now.

In the course of time, pages were added, edited and redesigned (notably by Uwe Vagelpohl and then by Ignacio Sánchez), shaping what you see now. However, the information about the Abbasids as well as the photos here presented are the original contribution of the students from Cornell. Enjoy reading it and let it inspire you to add to and expand it, so that gradually, a fuller picture of what the School is about emerges.

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The Journal of Abbasid Studies (JAS) is a platform to discuss the political, cultural, social, economic, religious and intellectual life of the Abbasid Caliphate. The JAS 6 (2019) is now available.
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