Ninth Conference of the School of Abbasid Studies

7th-9th July, 2008
Cambridge University


Amira Bennison, Monique Bernards, Julia Bray, Nadia Maria El Cheikh, Michael Cooperson, Amikam Elad, Geert Jan van Gelder, Robert Gleave, Paul Gledhill, Beatrice Gruendler, Rotraud Hansberger, Matthew Keegan, Hugh Kennedy, James Montgomery, Michael Mumisa, John Nawas, Alastair Northedge, Letizia Osti, Gavin Picken, Ignacio Sanchez, Nuha al-Sha’ar, Devin Stewart, Shawkat M. Toorawa, John Turner, Uwe Vagelpohl, Johan Weststeijn, Lydia Wilson.

Campus Cambridge UniversityCampus Cambridge University


Amira K. Bennison, The Necklace of Shifa’: ‘Abbasid borrowings in the Islamic West
Michael Cooperson, An Arabist reading of Digenis Akrites
Discussion: Shawkat Toorawa
Nadia Maria El Cheikh, To be a Prince in the fourth/tenth century ‘Abbasid court
Letizia Osti, Culture and education at and around the court of al-Muqtadir
Discussion: Hugh Kennedy
Ghada Jayyusi-Lehn, Like father, like son: Harun al-Rashid and al-Mu‘tasim
John Turner, The end of the Mihna
Johan Weststeijn, The ‘Abbasid caliphs: Successors to both prophets and tyrants
Discussion: John Nawas
Robert Gleave, The fiqh of Imam Musa al-Kazim
Gavin N. Picken, A Scholar of the Holy Precincts: The life, works and methodology of Ibn al-Mundhir al-Naysaburi
Discussion: Shawkat Toorawa
Amikam Elad, The Armies of al-Ma’mun: Recruitment of its contingents and their commanders and their social-ethnic composition
Alistair Northedge, ‘Abbasid military settlement: A structural analysis from archaeology and texts
Discussion: Hugh Kennedy
Beatrice Gruendler, Royal Brevity in the pre-modern Apostille (Tawqi‘)
Julia Bray, What are the fusul qisar of Ibn al-Mu‘tazz?
James Montgomery, Abu Nuwas, the Justified Sinner?
Discussion: Geert Jan van Gelder
Uwe Vagelpohl, Cultural accommodation and the idea of translation
Rotraud Hansberger, The “Internal Senses”: The evolution of a philosophical concept
Discussion: James Montgomery
Devin Stewart (Shawkat Toorawa), The Tabaqat genre, the legal madhhabs, and religious authority
Paul Gledhill, Reliable transmissions or tendentious forgeries? A comparative study of reports in two early ninth century compendia
Discussion: John Nawas
Closing session: The School of ‘Abbasid Studies, The Official Web Site of the ‘Abbasid Empire, The Occasional Papers, And Other Very Important Matters