Organisation of the Conferences

Conferences of the School of Abbasid Studies are held in mid-summer and participation is on invitation only.


Invitations are sent to all (prospect) members of the School, who are asked to send in an abstract of about 250 words on a topic of their choice, within the definition of the Abbasid world as offered by the School:

The political, cultural, social, economic, religious and intellectual life of the Abbasid Caliphate from c.700 – c.1050 C.E.


The organisers of the School try to obtain funding, but they do not expect to have sufficient means to meet the costs of stay and travel — the School hopes that members’ institutions assume responsibility for these expenses. Occasionally, a conference-fee may be asked.

Time Path

January Abstracts are expected around January 15 of the year the conference is held. At the same time, discussants are invited to express their willingness to participate in the conference.
March In case too many papers are offered, the organisers of the School make a reasoned selection with an eye on the School’s general aim, and especially taking coherence of the program into account. This means that pre-organised sessions are most welcome. A notification of acceptation of papers is sent at the beginning of March.
April Around mid-April a preliminary program of the conference is made.
May Inasmuch as the School lays great store by the discussions, participants are required to send in working papers and a list of works used before May 15, to give the discussants ample time for preparation.
June The program is finalised by mid-June.