Sixth Conference (Cambridge 2002)

Program of the Sixth Conference of the School of Abbasid Studies
July 6 –10, 2002
Cambridge University


Peter Adamson, Omar Ali de Unzaga, Herbert Berg, Maaike van Berkel, Monique Bernards, Julia Bray, Paul Cobb, Michael Cook, Patricia Crone, Elton Daniel, Amikam Elad, Josef van Ess, Matthew Gordon, Paul Heck, Wolfhart Heinrichs, Geert Jan van Gelder, Hugh Kennedy, Philip Kennedy, Mario Kozah, Joseph Lowry, Christopher Melchert, James Montgomery, John Nawas, Letizia Osti, Adam Silverstein, Devin Stewart, Shawkat Toorawa, Uwe Vagelpohl.


Exegesis (Hugh Kennedy, chair)
Herbert Berg, The use of Ibn ʿAbbas by ʿAbbasid-era Exegetes
Omar Ali de Unzaga, The expressions are different but the meaning is one. The harmonisation of religion and philosophy in the Rasaʾil Ikhwan al-Safa
Michael Cook, Discussion
Politics and law (James Montgomery, chair)
Paul Heck, The role of law in Abbasid political thought. From Ibn al-Muqaffaʿ (d. 139/756) to Qudama b. Jaʿfar (d. 337/948)
Devin Stewart, Notes on al-Tabari’s Usul al-Fiqh and the early history of the genre
Patricia Crone, Discussion
Al-Shafiʿi (John Nawas, chair)
Joseph Lowry, The reception of al-Shafiʿi’s Concept of amr and nahy in the legal thought of his student al-Muzani
Christopher Melchert, al-Shafiʿi’s doctrine according to al-Tirmidhi and al-Marwazi
Michael Cook, Discussion
Philosophy (Hugh Kennedy, chair)
Peter Adamson, al-Kindi and the Muʿtazila
Mario Kozah, The epilogue of al-Biruni’s “Kitab Batanjal”: Conclusion or introduction?
Wolfhart Heinrichs, Discussion
History writing (John Nawas, chair)
Julia Bray, Practical Muʿtazilism: moral value and historical justification in Tanukhi
Elton Daniel, Yaʿqubi and shiʿism reconsidered
Patricia Crone, Discussion
Literature (James Montgomery, chair)
Philip Kennedy, Recognition, the Abbasid Maqama and textual precedent according to a “narrative epistemology”
Shawkat Toorawa, Ibn Abi Tahir vs al-Jahiz, or defining the adib
Geert Jan van Gelder, Discussion
Court gestures: gift giving and singing girls (Hugh Kennedy, chair)
Paul Cobb, The travails of Abu l-ʿAbbas: On elephants, caliphs, and emperors
Matthew Gordon, Sisters in Song: the Careers of ʿUlayyah bint al-Mahdi and ʿArib al-Maʾmuniyah
Wolfhart Heinrichs, Discussion
Assembling and disseminating information (James Montgomery, chair)
Monique Bernards, Talab al-ʿilm amongst the linguists of Arabic
Adam Silverstein, On some aspects of the Abbasid Barid
Geert Jan van Gelder, Discussion
Government: viziers, secretaries and rebels (John Nawas, chair)
Maaike van Berkel, The Abbasid katib between state interest and self-interest
Letizia Osti, The vizier as villain: al-Qasim b. ʿUbaydallah
Amikam Elad, The rebellion of al-Nafs al-Zakiyya
Jozef van Ess, Discussion
Closing session

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